Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Welcome to my craft room.....

Hello everyone: Today I'm sharing some pictures of my very personal, crafting space.  Here is where I come to really unwind a bit, to look for my MOJO and to let my love for card making really take flight.
My dear friend, Darlene De Vries, has a blog called LiveLoveCards , here she shares her love for stamping and card making, through really fun and detailed videos where she shares fabulous products and the most interesting techniques to help us who follow her, really learn about what is new in the vast world of paper crafts.
About a month ago she asked all of us to please share some pictures of our own crafting spaces. I thought this would be really lots of fun, I'm always curious as to where all of us go to make our cards. As an incentive, she is giving away some fantastic storage units from Stamp-n-Storage , one a month for May, June and July. 
As you will see, this room is filled with some of the things I love the most, from pictures and gifts from my grandchildren to pictures of my other life, my Triathlete life, which I also love so much.
In this room I have my most cherished memories of my humble athlete Journey, from small races to Iron Man, my medals and trophies and plaques I've won, accomplishing what, at one time in my life, seemed impossible.
So here are the pictures, hope you enjoy seeing where I create my cards and where I rejoice in seeing what I've accomplished as wife, mom, grandma and Triathlete.
This is my work table, it's an old computer desk that works perfect for me, I have it in front of one of the windows that way, I get tons of light. To the right there is a book shelf where I keep my SU cling stamp sets and where I display the cards my card swapping buddies send me. As you can see I have a lot of cabinet space but it's not filled with craft stuff, I have some of the winter blankets and bed sheets and other things. Next to it is a pair of small rods for my old "whale" punches and on the bottom, some of my wood mounted stamps from all over the place.
This is a shelve I found at a thrift store and it's perfect for my punches, under there is two containers for some of my ribbons.
Here are some pictures of my grandkids, daughters and one with my dear aunt Norma, when we went last year to see Toby Keith in concert in Noblesville, IN. The concert fell right on my 63rd. birthday and we had a blast!!!!!
To the right of my work table, there is an old, old kitchen table that is perfect to keep my Big Shot, paper trimmer and, on the wall, there is a little metal shelf that I also got at a thrift store for $2.00 where I keep my ink pads.
Under this table I have two plastic drawer units where I keep envelopes, adhesives, my House Mouse stamps, the Bigz dies, my glue gun, extra rolls of paper towels and other stuff.
I also have under there, the scoring board and another big paper cutter. To the left there is another unit of plastic drawers where I keep envelopes of all sizes, the blank cards and big sheets of Vellum. On top of this unit, I have a box with my embossing folders, another one with all of my Flourishes stamps and a basket with my Power Poppy stamp sets.
In the closet I keep plastic shoe boxes with the pink lids with card stock scraps, seasonal stamps, my crosstitch patterns and thread and 5 colored plastic boxes with various DSP and my water color paper.
In this dresser I keep my embossing powders, my Prismacolor Pencils, paper stubs, baby oil and my Triathlon picture albums, the books I read when I was training for my first Iron Man Triathlon and other little things the kids have given me. The plastic tower on the right has more ribbon, my SU wood stamp sets and in the top smaller drawers, all kinds of embellishments.
This are the t-shirts I wore on the 3 Iron Man races I have done, they are all unwashed, I wanted to keep them just like they were, everybody loved this t-shirts, the kids were with me until I crossed the finish line.
This are my medals I've won on my races. All of them are incredibly special to me.
My very first Iron Man Finisher's Certificate.....Swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, run  26.2 miles. Finish time, 15 hours, 14 min. 43 sec. Just about one of the most thrilling moments of my athlete's life.
That is my 3rd. place plaque for this race. That picture on the left is my hubby and me just about 23 years ago.  Here are some pictures of me during the bike segment on this races.
So, there you have it, this is my crafting space, this post was hard to do, as many of you know, I'm kind of not to good at this grabbing pictures from this file, putting them in this other place, etc. so I hope you enjoy my hard work, LOL!!
I want to thank you for visiting my blog, specially this time because I'm sharing with you what I love the most.  I know this is a long blog post so, if you are reading the last line of it, I truly appreciate it.
If you have any questions about this just let me know. I thank you in advance for your comments.
Have a wonderful evening.


  1. Wow, Maria ! Yes, I really appreciate your hard work to show us where you do your " magic". I love to see other craftrooms too , I want to have a room one day too :). Right now I'm sitting in a corner ... Thank you for sharing it with us ! Hugs, Anita

    1. Thanks Anita, I'm very fortunate to be able to have this room as my crafting space, I do love all the light I get from those to big windows.

  2. Maria I read every word and love looking at your special room. I am thoroughly impressed with your athleticism. What this teaches me is that you can do anything if you put your mind to it! Your craft space pix are perfect. Thanks for all your hard work. I just love looking at other peoples spaces.

    1. Hello Kelly and thank you for visiting my crafting space, I love the fact that it overlooks the back yard and the golf course, lots of green and lots of birds to see while I sit at my table and make my cards. I also believe what you said, there is a lot of power in your mind, it can be your best ally or your worst enemy.

  3. Great room, Maria! It's all so neat and organized with so many pops of fun. Love it!

    1. Thank you so much Brian for visiting my crafting space. I like to see all my stuff otherwise, it would be forgotten that is why almost everything I own that is craft related, is out in the open.
      The walls are my other display surface, I just love to see my pictures of the kids and of my races. When I'm in the middle of making my cards, specially those for my card swapping buddies, this room get a bit chaotic, but when I'm done, everything is put back in it's place.

  4. Such a personal tour into the life of Maria Rodriguez. Loved seeing your space as well as precious treasures.

    1. Thank you for coming here today Mary and for your comment. I always wonder how other crafters' rooms look like so, I was one of the ''girls'' that suggested to Darlene to ask us to submit pictures of our crafting spaces.
      So far, it's been a huge success.

  5. Wow, what an exciting and interesting place your craft room is Maria! It was lovely to get to know you through your interests and achievements! I am wondering if you live in Wisconsin? I saw that place on your awards - my daughter lived in Mequon WI for the past 4 years, and came over (from Australia) to visit her and the family several times. We loved it - never came in summer though - I don't like humidity lol! Thank you for visiting me too - isn't crafting a wonderful way to make new friends? :)

  6. I meant to say that WE visited from Australia - typing too fast ha ha

    1. Hi Ann: You are correct, this craft truly unite all of us from all over this Country and beyond.
      I don't live in Wisconsin, I live in Crown Point, IN. Madison is the city where they hold the Iron Man Triathlon every year and it's the closest one for me to participate and for my family to go and cheer me on. It's a beautiful city and incredibly supportive to all of us athletes to come to compete, the day of the race is a total party, there are people cheering the athletes on all the venues. The swim starts right at the Monona Convention Center, the bike segment takes us through the beautiful country side and the Marathon finishes right by the beautiful down town, the finish line it's electrifying, people are there to see the last athlete cross it sometimes even after midnight.
      Thank you so much for visiting, I hope this is not the last time. I will be popping onto your blog again.

  7. Oh my goodness! I adore these wood hutch and base cabinets that store your love of stamping! I have Hero Arts envy and Impression Obsession envy oh why don't I live next door? I also adore the Monster drawing how cute did the Grandkids make that at some point? Congratulations on all of your Iron Man accomplishments you are a driven woman and will do well at your race in August! Thanks for the tour!

    1. Oh my friend, I also wish so much you lived next door, can you imagine us sitting around making cards? what a fabulous sight we could be.
      That green Monster is a creation by my artist granddaughter Vanessa, she made it when she was in 4th. grade, all the other drawings and notes and little gifts are from all of my grandkids, that piggy was made by Steven Michael when he was in pre-school. I love seeing this things every day, this beautiful kids are the main reason I do what I do.
      Thank you for visiting my friend.