Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A blast from the past for Retro Rubber color challenge.....

Hello Everyone: Once again I have been asked to be a guest stamper over at the Retro Rubber  challenge blog, this is such a thrill for me and I'm very happy to share this card I made for it, here's the banner that inspired this card. I hope you join us and give this Color Inspiration Challenge a try.
 This image is from a Flourishes set called, what else....."Call Me".  The rules of this challenge is to use stamps that are at least one year old. I think this image was released back in June or 2013 so it's perfect for this challenge.
Did any of you had this types of phones? Isn't this phone just gorgeous? It takes me back to the era of rotary dial phones, when you didn't need to be an expert in computer science to make a phone call and you took pictures with a camera that was NOT part of your phone, LOL!!, I can still remember the noise you heard when you put your index finger in the hole with the number, push the dial around and then, let it go.  Ahh!! the good old days.....  Yup!! I'm a bit antiquated and don't get me wrong, I enjoy today's technology, after all, here I am, age 64, with a blog, copying and pasting and posting and sharing but, when it comes to phones, mine is as simple as they come, compared with my grandchildren's phones, this little devise of mine is a Dinosaur, but it does what it's suppose to do and that is all I need, it doesn't take pictures and it doesn't have Internet access but for my humble needs, it's just fine.
Anyway my friends, I colored this sweet image with Prismacolor Pencils, paper stumps and baby oil. This technique is my other favorite way to color my images, I love how the color from the pencil just blends beautifully on the water color paper. Have you ever tried this technique? you don't even need to buy Prismacolor pencils, any brand of pencils will do, the magic is in the use of the baby oil and the paper stumps, you can find them at your local craft store or on Amazon , they are very inexpensive.
So, I hope you enjoy my card today. I truly appreciate your visit and your comments, I read them all with a smile on my face and gratitude in my heart.  If you have a question, please just ask me, I will promptly answer it for you.
Have a fabulous day.


Patti Willey said...

Another Guest Designer! Wow you're on a roll Maria! I remember that my Nephew found a rotary dialed phone in my Mother's basement and asked.."Nana" What is this? When he was young! I used to love the sound of the rotary phone and remember when I wanted some privacy or when i shouldn't have been on the phone that it didn't make so much noise and tip me off that I was on the phone! Busted!

Maria A. said...

You naughty girl!!! LOL!! Believe me, I had NO privacy when I was talking to my friends, the darn phone was in a little table by the living room, that was next to the kitchen so, if it rang, I just couldn't talk at all without everybody knowing, sheeesh!! But still, those were the days when we used to wait anxiously for THAT sweet phone call.
Thank you for stopping by.

Sonny said...

The phone may be old ,but the colors are young and fresh ! This is so cute with that perky polka dot bow ! And as far as you being selected again for Guest Designer at RR just shows how smart they are !!
When I think of old phones reminds me of my grandparents yelling into the phone because they were on a "Long Distance Call"

Maria A. said...

LOL!! Sonny, what a sweet memory of your grandparents making those loud long distance calls!!!
This color challenge was fun, the colors are, like you said, bright and fresh.
Thank you for stopping by.

Mary Fish said...

So pretty and fresh. Love the polka dot ribbon!

Maria A. said...

Thank you Mary. I think this ribbon was exactly the color in the Challenge picture, lucky me!!!

Katy McGloin said...

Maria, this card is FAB... fantastic coloring! I have used the same technique. We are of the same age, so the smell of baby oil reminds me of my young sun bathing days. I did not have a phone like this one but definitely had rotary phones! You did a lovely job pulling the colors from the color inspiration photo. Thanks for joining us again this week as our guest designer. We are always delighted when you play along!

Maria A. said...

Katy, I did have a phone like that, one of several rotary phone as I was growing up, but it was light brown, so pretty. And I do remember "sun tanning'' with Baby Oil, sheeesh!!
This technique is really fun to do, the pencil colors just blend beautifully.
It's always a thrill to play along with you guys at the Retro Rubber blog, and more so, to be your guest stamper. Thank you again to all of you sweet ladies.

Jane Knudsen said...

Hi Maria! This card is so very amazing! The coloring is gorgeous! When I was in high school, I had a friend who had a phone like this (but in white) and I thought she was very uptown to have that cool of a phone! And my parents still have a rotary phone (that works) in the basement! It doesn't do so good when they tell you to press one! LOL! Lovely card and thank you for being our guest designer at Retro Rubber!
PS - I am not as old as you and Katy - but the baby oil was our sun tan oil too!

Maria A. said...

Hi there Jane and thank you for your comment. This phones were so beautiful and stylish, they looked so elegant, no matter what color.
I love participating in the Retro Rubber challenges, I look forward to the next one.

Claire Grantham said...

Hey Maria, thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. I love your card..I have a old fashioned phone obsession, so this is perfect for me. I adore that giant spotty bow, the whole thing fits the colour inspiration perfectly. Great to have you as part of the Retro Rubber gang this week. Cx

Debbie Mageed said...

Hi Maria! This will be my second attempt to leave you a comment so I hope it works this time! I am loving your wonderful card! That phone brings back so many memories of these old fashioned phones that I have always adored. Your watercoloring is fantastic (as always) and I really will try your technique this time! The details are perfectly done, especially all of the texture! Thanks for joining our design team this week and I always look forward to seeing you in the gallery!

Maria A. said...

Thank you Claire, I also love this types of phones, they were elegant and beautiful.
It was a pleasure to join you guys as your guest stamper.

Maria A. said...

Hello Debbie, I'm so glad you were able to post your comment, I wonder what happened.
So glad you liked my card, the images in the set truly take you back to simpler times.
It was a pleasure you be the guest stamper at Retro Rubber, you guys are awesome.