Friday, November 13, 2015


Hello everyone: Well, I think by now you guys know how much I love this craft, making cards was so much fun when I made them for my family and friends but now, I've doubled or tripled the fun because I'm entering a bunch of fabulous challenges and I'm having a total BLAST!!!!!
Some of the best things about this hobby is that I've met fabulous people along the way, caring, sweet friends that have been so kind to me, helping me, teaching me, pushing me to get out of my comfort zone and venture into the never ending world of blogging and cyber space.  Now, another just as fabulous aspect of this is that I've found tons of inspiration and card making products in blogs and challenges I've found either by accident or by browsing Pinterest or by following links on other crafters blogs.  This is how I found KATZELKRAFT and THIS just incredibly awesome stamp set. Here is a card I made with this set, I just wish it would have arrived sooner, but then again, I just found this company and, well.....this set came all the way from France. I made this card just for the fun of it, but I would have loved to make some fun Halloween cards with it this year, I will definitely do it next year!!!!!
Now, isn't this cat just awesome? I just fell in love with all of this images in the set, they are just to funny.
My oldest daughter has a black cat that my granddaughter Vanessa (17) rescued a couple of years ago from under a car on a very cold Winter afternoon, they already had a cat so she didn't know if her parents would let her keep it. Well, "Precious" stayed, her color is totally jet black, her eyes gorgeous green but she is a bit temperamental. While "Rocky" plays with the dogs, "Precious" really don't want anything to do with them, yet they chase her and slobber all over her and well, I've seen her do that pose in this image, hissing and snarling at those dogs. That's when they leave her alone to go clean herself up by the window.
Anyway my friends, I just thought I share this super fabulous cat images with you.  I'm sending this card to her house, so she can put it in her dresser or by the night stand, as a warning to her "tormentors", LOL!!
They say cats and dogs don't get along, well, I beg to differ.....
This is a no fuss, simple little card, I had fun making it, so.....what else is new!!
I'm always having fun with this awesome craft.
Thank you for stopping by, until next time, happy stamping.
Hugs from Maria.


Sonny said...

This is too cute . I love black cats they have such quirky personalities . People say color does not make any difference ....oh yes it does ! I have had dozens of cats and those black beauties are the best back archers just like this fancy feline !! Yes, this will be a good keeper stamp !!
Loved reading the story !

Maria A. said...

I love cats and that is perhaps the reason I couldn't help but to buy this stamp set. "Precious" is really a trooper, she endures "Reedick's" and "Missy's" antics until she can't take it anymore. Reedick is a young Alaska Husky, very playful, Missy is older but still sometimes plays with her.

Aileen (mum) said...

Love this card, that cat has me laughing. So cute

Maria A. said...

Thanks for stopping by Aileen, this card was just a spur of the moment project, as soon as I saw this image on Pinterest I wanted this set. My grandkids just loved this card, it does look like ''Precious". LOL!!