Tuesday, July 20, 2021

One Of My Favorite Bugs!!!!!

 Hello everyone: I hope all of you and your families are doing well, keeping each other safe and healthy.


My teammates and I over at shopping our stash have a new theme for you to play with and it's all about bugs!!

My favorite bug is the spider, I have a lot of respect and admiration for this critters and, even if I don't want them inside my house, I never kill them, I trap them with a glass and a piece of cardstock and take them outside to my flower pots, I figure they will have a better chance to find food out there than in here.

Anywho, here is my card and believe me, I used every single spider stamp I own, this was so much fun and, since spiders seem to be associated with Halloween, I made this card using this cute little mummy, who is not to thrilled about all of these spiders showing up at the same time, I hope he's going to get a glass and some cardstock to trap them and take them outside, Lol!!

This is the inside.

This is what I used.

The mummy is from Stampabilities (2006, discontinued)


Stampin' Up! "Best friends" (2006, retired)

Stampin' Up! "Dark and dreary" (2010, retired)

Stampin' up! "bite me" (2013, retired)

 my teammates and I hope you go look for your bug stamps, we're sure you have some, and come and play along with us in our gallery, we can't wait to see what you create.

Thank you for visiting me today.

stay healthy and safe.




Barbara Godden said...

Awesome spider/mummy card, the theme is perfect gendre for halloween (I didn't think of that) Great design and I love the inside I must remember to stamp a spiderweb before I stamp the sentiment that is an awesome idea. I would like to trap the one that bit me on the arm while I slept.

lauren bergold said...

oh my gosh this is so cool maria, you're giving me a whole new admiration for spiders!!! ♥

Chana Malkah said...

Your card is truly creepy and the creepiness is helped along by the wonderful font used for this post! Spider webs are pretty high up on my list of "things I don't care for!" Nicely done!

Donna said...

Fabulous card! Love all the spiders!
I also admire spiders and their amazing web work.
The only time I don't like them is when they catch me by surprise (lol)
I also appreciate their mosquito eating :)

Leslie Miller said...

You and your spiders! We trap them as well and send them outside. I give them plenty of space when I see them on my flowers. However, when the great big mamas string their webs across the path we do knock the web down so we don't walk into it. I feel bad after she put all that work into it. Anyway, your card is so cool! You set a fine scene in a spooky room. Scary stuff going on outside the window, too! Love it!